More than ever before, employers are facing new challenges in keeping dedicated employees for their thriving businesses. Across all age groups, employees are seeking satisfaction in the workplace instead of only income when searching for new positions. Understanding what potential employees want is half the battle when it comes to attracting new employees. We’ll review some workplace trends that your company can expect to see in 2019 and how your team can make them work for your office.

Digital Technology is a Must

By 2020, Gen Z is expected to make up 36 percent of the workforce. As a generation who has grown up with the latest technology, they will expect to carry that convenience into the workplace. Software and training programs will take the place of tedious tasks. Gen Z employees who don’t find these conveniences will likely go elsewhere.

Unconventional Hours and Office Space

Flexibility is a huge draw for workers, especially with families. Technology allows employees to get work done practically anywhere internet is available. Taking care of personal business during work hours and bringing work home may become the new normal, as work-life and home-life continue to blur. Parents may finally feel they can strike a balance without making so many sacrifices.

Positive Workplace Environment is Expected

Employees are seeking more satisfaction within their careers. Employers should focus on getting the word out about what makes their organization enjoyable and worthwhile. Businesses need to figure out an authentic way for employees to share their satisfaction in the workplace.

Technology is clearly creating new opportunities for employers to create a better workplace environment. Employees seeking a new job will look elsewhere if you can’t meet this demand. We can help your company adapt to reach the right employees, give us a call today at 212-953-2211.