Tasked with recruiting new blood? Who would have ever thought of Facebook? It’s for keeping in touch with friends and family, right? Not typically the pool you’d jump in while on a job hunt. Facebook is reinventing itself yet again, going nose to nose with LinkedIn to compete for job seekers with its new Facebook for Business function.

Why Recruit on Facebook?

There are a few fantastic reasons, especially if you’re a small business on a limited budget or just a savvy business-minded entrepreneur. Here are our top four advantages to taking a look at recruiting on Facebook Jobs.

1.     Cost. Facebook allows you to advertise on your career page and it stays only within your circle. You can also boost your post for a minimal PPC fee.

2.     Reach. According to Statistia, Facebook has 2.8 BILLION active users a month. Facebook is the most popular social media channel on the planet, hands down.

3.     Targeting. Facebook collects a significant amount of data from its users. Everything from personal interests, demographics, and behaviors. Facebook’s boost feature shows your job postings only to people that are directly relevant to your position.

4.     Simplicity. The experience is simple for you to review applicant’s resumes and communicate directly with job applicants via messenger.

Best Way to Recruit Employees on Facebook

Facebook is still a social site. What works for interaction on LinkedIn will not work as well on Facebook, a conversational approach is required for the best results. Sharing dynamic content to your page will help draw in candidates. You’re looking for someone who will fit into your company culture and be an outstanding fit for the position. You can do this by showing your company culture on your page. Take some photos of the goings-on inside your business, maybe some employee “fun” functions, get creative!

Facebook for Business can be an essential tool in your recruitment of the perfect candidate. With a solid recruitment strategy, dynamic and personalized page content showing your business story, you can attract the type of applicant you are truly interested in!

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