When new positions open up in your company, finding the perfect fit is like solving a puzzle. How do you make sure you find the most qualified candidate? And how do you make sure that millennials and members of Gen Z are seeing your advertisements? Here are some strategies to help you find and hire the best candidates available.

Speed Up Hiring

Top tier talent is usually snapped up within 10 days. That’s really fast and it means that if your hiring process is lengthy you could end up losing your most qualified candidates because they get poached by other companies that are hiring faster.  Most recruiters take 29 days to fill an open position. Speeding up the process of hiring qualified candidates faster is a powerful advantage in the marketplace.

Employer Branding is Key

Employer branding is a great way to show potential candidates what it’s like to work at your company, and what the values of your company are. Communicate the benefits of  working at your company to be exciting and fulfilling. One great way to do this is through employee testimonials!

Find Niche Job Boards

Niche job boards are a great way to find candidates that fit the position you are trying to fill. if the position you are looking to fill is very specific,  it’s better to narrow down your range of applicants right from the get go. Niche job boards are way more selective than job boards such as LinkedIn or Glassdoor.

Use Targeted Advertising

If you are looking for younger candidates, one great way to find them is by using targeted ads on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It’s a great way to meet potential candidates where they live, on social media.

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