For most of us, the pandemic has altered the dynamics of our everyday lives, forcing everyone to come up with creative workarounds to the obstacles we face. Recruitment has always been an industry vulnerable to the ebbs and flows of the economy. However, for many companies the pandemic has changed the way employers utilize their employees, and a skilled recruiter can use that to their advantage.


Today, candidates are often seeking second or even third jobs to make ends meet due to hours being cut, positions being eliminated, or even being laid off or furloughed from their primary job. As candidates are asking for a lot of flexibility, so are employers. Look for and prioritize candidates whose needs mesh perfectly with yours, so that you both get exactly what they need in this trying time. 

Remote Work

Working from home has transitioned from a fantasy for office workers longing to wear their pajamas into a necessity for survival. Cultivating the ability to recruit workers who are able to stay motivated and productive while working at home is crucial to maintaining relevance in the post-pandemic recruiting world. 

Pre-Recorded Video Interviewing

One creative method that many recruiters are using is the pre-recorded video interview. A video interview is essentially the video version of a cover letter. You send a candidate a number of questions, and they send you a video in response with their answers. This is an excellent strategy because creating a video response is a test of capability for your candidates.

The rapid changes that the business world is undergoing during this pandemic isn’t something to be feared. In fact, it’s essential that anyone who wants to remain relevant embrace these changes. Use the chaos to your advantage by showing your supervisors that you’re thriving in it, and that you can help your company to thrive as well.

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