Welcoming Gen Z Into The Office

The new kids on the block, known as Generation Z, are preparing to graduate college, interning in your office and are about to begin to enter the workforce…but are you ready for them? This generation consists of individuals born between 1995 and 2012. Millennials have been the center of attention, raking in both positive and negative reviews when it comes to workplace habits. However, it’s time to focus on their predecessors, with 32% of the world population making up Generation Z, it’s important to understand what drives them and how they view the world.

While Millennials invest in new experiences and postpone buying a house, Generation Z values saving money for college and putting away funds for retirement. Millennials have lived in a world with and without technology, but Gen Z can’t live without their phones, accustomed to consistent online communication, this generation can use up to five digital screens at the same time…talk about multitasking!

Gen Z is more inclined to be entrepreneurs. Their desire to turn hobbies into an income or build their own company means they are creative and innovative. When employed, they appreciate the option to work remotely and through multiple devices. Impacting culture, changing the world, and earning respect are also equally important to them.

When attracting Gen Z candidates, it is important to focus your recruitment advertising efforts online. Job openings can be promoted on social media, where Gen Z seems to spend most of their time. It’s also helpful for the application process to be readily available through a mobile platform. For a generation who appreciates remote access, enabling your application process on mobile devices will allow this generation to work simultaneously while commuting or binging their favorite Netflix show. Finally, Gen Z values companies who are inclusive and authentic. Make sure your company’s values shine through on your website and other media platforms, so Generation Z job candidates see a true representation of the company they’re applying to become a part of.

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