To attract the right job candidates in today’s competitive job market, it’s critical to be mindful of one’s recruiting practices. Whether it’s your company’s job descriptions, the overall application process, or even your firm’s social media presence, it’s imperative that your organization does not shortchange its recruitment efforts. Superb recruitment techniques can help set your firm apart from your rivals.


One cannot underestimate the importance of creating strong informational and accurate job descriptions that inspire applicants to apply, while at the same time provide applicants with a realistic idea of the projects they’ll be responsible for. First, understand the language that today’s workforce is motivated by when crafting a compelling job description. Research shows that with millennial job seekers, it’s important to utilize language in your job description that emphasizes flexibility, challenging work, and advancement opportunities. However, given the diversity of the labor pool, the language used should vary, depending on what specific skills your company is looking for.


Below are just some of the basic questions you may want to ask yourself as you review your application process. Here, the main idea is to put yourself in the shoes of your prospective job applicant and ask some crucial questions:

  • Are the application instructions easy to follow?
  • Is the application process time-consuming or relatively quick?
  • Can the applicant apply easily on multiple platforms such as through social media, corporate website, mobile device, etc.?

If you find that your application process is easy to navigate through, applicants will be more likely to have positive things to say about the process and even your company. Additionally, you may want to create an automatic response that notifies candidates that they will be contacted if they’re a good fit.


To attract the right talent to your organization, it’s equally important to market your company effectively. Analyze your company’s strengths and highlight them across all social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter) and other marketing materials. Company strengths can range from work environment to organizational values. These strengths can not only encourage positive buzz about your company by word of mouth, but they can also attract talent.

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