Finding talent isn’t just about checking off specific skills from incoming resumes. It’s also about finding the right match to company culture. So how can an organization pre-screen candidates to fit both talent and culture? Here are a number of tips to do just that.

Using Online Communities

One often used phrase to describe online communities is “birds of a feather flock together”. The idea is that people seek out groups that share their beliefs and values. This can become an ideal hunting ground for the perfect talent; especially when that online community focuses on a particular technical skill. In addition, you can get a sense for a company fit by seeing how they treat other members of that community.

Checking Out College Grads

It can sometimes pay to go right to the source. Recent college graduates are hungry for real world experience. In addition, these graduates can bring new and exciting methods / technologies with them. That combination can in-vigor an existing team or provide some unique perspective. Working with a college to position your opportunity in front of college graduates can be very beneficial.

Help Them Find You

Sometimes the best option is to have the right people find your company. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) can help greatly. Picking the right title, forming the right header tags, and building a proper meta description will help search engines match up talent to your company. This is because an overwhelming majority of job hunters are using search engines to look for work.

Tailoring your searching locations is essential to match up with the right talent. A better foundation for a talent hunting creates better results. As many companies discover; finding great potential employees isn’t necessarily difficult. What is difficult is finding an employee who matches company culture. It is worth finding though, as these types of employees are willing to stay and grow with the company.

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