Twenty years ago employees flocked to jobs that offered good pay, good benefits, pension plans and retirement funds. But employee culture has changed. Employees have lost faith in company funded retirement programs. Now they seek employment where personal happiness is a goal, rather than just a paycheck or pension plan.

At Furman Feiner we are a recruitment advertising agency, and our customers are like partners. We know your HR pros are tasked with attracting, hiring and maintaining the best possible employees. They are continually bombarded with sales pitches for advancing technology meant to smooth their processes. Is the AI wave worth the time and cash investment? We think so!

Artificial Intelligence & HR Applications

Artificial Intelligence continues to make inroads in everyday HR operations. How does it work? In a nutshell, AI uses tremendous amounts of data to help HR pros with decision making and employee engagement. It allows your HR team to manage employee information on a macro-level.

We think Forbes says it best “AI is not some magical computerized persona; it is a wide range of algorithms and machine learning tools that can rapidly ingest data, identify patterns, and optimize and predict trends.”

But is it right for your organization?

AI could have a home in your HR department if you need help:

  • streamlining recruitment
  • recruiting large numbers of staff at a time
  • improving healthcare options appropriately
  • removing unconscious hiring or training bias
  • achieving immediate statistics regarding recruitment and retention


Nothing is perfect though! Some HR teams may suffer from a talent gap… HR staff must be capable of using AI to it’s fullest to make the ROI worthwhile. So if you invest in HR AI software you may as well invest in some HR staff training. Another concern is privacy. We all need to keep our employee information confidential. It’s a natural concern, particularly for very large organizations, to have a database full of employee info.

At Furman Feiner Recruitment Advertising, we’re helping clients find the best people at the best ROI. To learn more how we do this, contact us today.